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Photo editing

I'm going completely nuts. The whole evening I've been working to get one picture exactly the size I want it to be. And I can't seem to manage. After scanning the picture at my parents (20.30), I tried to use MS Photo Editor (file too big), Picasa (doesn't let me use metric sizes), Paint (no edit functions) and some other software. It didn't work.

I tried on my laptop with two other programmes, but failed again. This shouldn't be that complicated. Last resort: Downloading the trial version of Adobe Photoshop.

With my slow connection, it took me half an hour to download it, then another half to install. It failed at the last hurdle. I can't use firefox while installing it, but the point is that I need the picture on a site I am using and after three and a half hours, it is nearly midnight, I am still not getting anywhere.

Incredibly frustrating...
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