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Mike Gayle – Wish you were here


Mike Gayle – Wish you were here (08-062)

On holiday in an English speaking country I do not bring many books with me. I know I will end up buying several books while there anyway. This was one of the first books I bought last summer. A safe bet. I have read most (all?) books by Gayle by now. Dinner for two. His ‘n hers. Brand new friend. His first two "My legendary girlfriend" and "Mr. Commitment" before I started blogging about books. "Turning thirty" I can't find right now in my memories.

I did read it shortly after my holiday this summer. It actually is a holiday story. Charlie, Andy and Tom go to Malia, Creta for their holidays. Like they did when they were 18. But the main public in that town is still in their early twenties, they have grown a bit older. Mid thirties is what they would call it themselves.

Obviously the story gets complicated in Greece. Funny, tragic, romantic, laddish, the story takes a turn nearly every chapter. And with some of these chapters only one or two pages long, there’s quite a few twists in the story.

Plots aren’t Gayle’s main quality, but if you are looking for a nobrainer on holiday, I’m fairly sure they don’t come much better than this.

Quote: “You’re right. She is amazing. And I can’t believe you’re making me remind you but here goes: you’ve got a girlfriend.” (page 113)

Number: 08-062
Title: Wish you were here
Author: Mike Gayle
Language: English (UK)
Year: 2007
# Pages: 409 (12362)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-340-82542-6
Tags: bookreviews 2008
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