The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

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still running

a whole week without updating i just noticed. It must have been a while. Just goes to show ow busy I still am, my new job is still taking plenty of time, I've come to realise that won't change soon either. Next to that I do have some social obligations as well, had neglected them for a bit. Doesn't mean i forget LJ! I still read my friends-page every day. I promise I will update again soon. About the two books I've finished in the bus and train, about my job, about things that have nagged me for ages, about cars blinding me on my pushbike, about things that only my friends should know. About me basically, as that's what this LJ is about I guess. One more person didn't want me as a friend anymore this week, I'll stay faithfull to mine!
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