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1. Cycling to school most days, I get confronted with the fact that it is dark when I leave home, dark when I get home. So most of the time cars with their big lights trouble me. They might not be very fast when they realise they are blinding me, but it takes them bloody ages to switch back to normal light. Some never even bother, even though I can't see fuck all when they approach me.

2. When crossing a street today, a bus politely stopped to let me pass. I had right of way, but still, I appreciate the gesture. A car then stopped next to the bus, on the wrong side of the road, so as soon as I passed, he could pass the bus quickly. He was lucky nobody came from the opposite direction that moment.

3. Crossing a narrow bridge is possible for a bike and a car at the same time. Just about, I always go very carefully across it. Today I was being followed by a car, who didn't dare to overtake. From the opposite direction came another car, who had right of way. They stopped in the middle of the bridge, facing each other. As I continued my route, none of them seemed to be eager to move. It looked a fairly interesting status quo. Unfortunately my road went downhill (literally I mean) and with the fog I soon couldn't see anything but a few red car lights. I'm not sure if any one of them had given in yet.

Is it me, or do more people see it that people become real arseholes as soon as they've got a driving wheel in their hands?
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