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Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – Oscar and the lady in pink

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – Oscar and the lady in pink

The name of the author sounds German, but he is French. I bought the book in Germany, but it has been translated to English. But whatever language, the message is clear, regardless where you’ve read it.

Oscar is ill, very ill. He is in a hospital, waiting to die. His parents are afraid to tell him so directly, so the only one he can confide in is a nurse he calls Granny Rose. She tells him to live the last days of his life as if a day is a decade. And Oscar listens to her and lives a whole life in a week.

The book can probably be seen as a children’s book, but it should be read by everybody. Who doesn’t know someone with cancer? Who doesn’t realise how bad this disease is? Buy this book somewhere and read it. A sad book, but also a book with a smile. Praise to the author who manages to put both into the story.

Quote: “They’re frightened of me. They can’t bring themselves to speak to me. And the less they speak to me, the more like a monster they make me feel. Why are they so scared of me?” (p. 68/69)

Number: 09-053
Title: Oscar and the lady in pink (Orig.: Oscar et la dame rose)
Author: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Language: English (Orig.: French)
Year: 2002
# Pages: 88 (10705)
Category: Children’s books
ISBN: 1-84354-450-4
Tags: bookreviews 2009
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