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Gary Larson – Wiener dog art

Gary Larson – Wiener dog art

A far side collection says the subtitle. Hadn’t read any Far Side since ages, so it was nice to see the extreme depths of Larson’s mind again.

The middle pages of this collection is dedicated to the history of the Dachshund in art, hence the title of the book. Laugh out loud funny at times.

Quote: “We know only that, somehow, this small, sausage-shaped dog with its shrill, high-pitched bark and sometimes neurotic behavior has touched something we recognize deep inside ourselves.” (p.49)

Number: 09-067
Title: Wiener dog art. A far side collection
Author: Gary Larson
Language: English US
Year: 1990
# Pages: 112 (13801)
Category: Cartoons
ISBN: 0-8362-1865-5

Tags: bookreviews 2009

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