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Leo Malet – Bambule am Boul’Mich’

Leo Malet – Bambule am Boul’Mich’

At least once a year I want to read a book in German. Most of the time the week in Austria I spent with school, every January, is a good time for that effort. This year I took this book with me. I swapped it a couple of years ago via BookCrossing with someone in Germany.

Actually, to be honest, this is not a German book, but a French one translated into German. ‘Krimi aus Paris” is on the front cover.

Just an ordinary whodunit; nothing wrong with that, nice read on a long bus journey. Probably would have been better with an extensive knowledge of Paris and its streets. Then again, I didn’t feel like I missed out on a lot. The map on the first and large pages wasn’t really necessary to follow the story.

Nice book. Not more.

Quote: ““Aber er war mein sohn”, sagte er. “Es ist normal, dass ich mit Ihnen redden und Sie nach Ihren weiteren Schritten fragen wollte. Denn schliesslich hat Mademoiselle Carrier Sie damit beauftragt, sich um meinen Sohn zu kummern.” “

Number: 10-005
Title: Bambule am Boul’Mich’
Author: Leo Malet
Language: German (Orig.: French)
Year: 1982 (translation: 1986)
# Pages: 176 (948)
Category: Whodunit
ISBN: 3-89151-027-6
Tags: bookreviews 2010
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