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Janet Evanovich – Hot six


Janet Evanovich – Hot six

The disadvantage of being busy. One gets behind writing book reviews. Another disadvantage: Books that weren’t incredibly impressive are forgotten.

A disadvantage of the Plum series: All books are practically similar. I once started with the intention of reading them all in order and so far I have managed, staying about ten years behind the new parts of the Plum books. This was part six, I read it in January, ask me now, in May what it was about and I couldn’t tell you the plot.

I can pretend and go on about Ranger, Morelli, grandma Masur, exploding cars, burials and old school friends, weirdo’s in Stephanie’s life, boring people with double life’s, but that wouldn’t be fair. It is mainly the description of every single book by Evanovich. Next one this summer during summer holidays I guess. Easy reading, not pretending to be anything else.

Quote: “So my grandmother has a red corvette, and I have a blue ’53 Buick and a big zit on my chin. Hell, it could be worse, I told myself. The zit could be on my nose.” (p.155)

Number: 10-007
Title: Hot six
Author: Janet Evanovich
Language: English (US)
Year: 2000
# Pages: 324 (1384)
Category: Whodunit
ISBN: 0-330-37124-X
Tags: bookreviews 2010

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