The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Music meme, part three

Day 03: A song that makes you happy

There is no band that can make me happy like Mano Negra. I saw them live just before King Kong five became a hit. Not that I heard of them, I was dragged along by some friends. Did they judge that right!

Any concert by Mano was a huge party. There is always something happening, nobody stares and listens, the crowd inevitably goes wild. It is impossible to stand still, even the non-dancer I am, has to move along the tones of Patchanka (couldn't find the live version of that song), King Kong Five, Mala Vida and this one: Indios de Barcelona

And no, not my images, but yes, I was there, 20 years ago...

Mano Negra - Indios de Barcelona

Welcome anywhere you come from
you'll loose your ilfe or find a home here
cause some do it right some do it wrong
some they're running their tongues

lot of soul in my block
from st paul to the dock
are you ready to be hurt & shocked ?
barrio chino never fails to rock

los indios del barcelona
son mas indios que los de Arizona !

drink wine, smoke pot, got throught jaco
busca la fortuna, vende tabaco
try your dirty tricks with no shame
you'll pay for them with blood & pain!

hey gringo! if you want kicks tonight
come on! see you down the bar at 9 (you too gabacho)
la patchanka's the wild sound
for proud souls & lonely hounds

Cherokees thy are movin'on
up to calle st pau, mascaleron powhou
there's gonna be war in the streets
Gringo better take a trip trip trip
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