The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Music meme, part six

Day 06: A song that reminds you of somewhere

I have worked several seasons abroad. Quite often one song stood out for that particular place and time. Many of those songs could fall into this category. Guano Apes during my last winter in Austria. Fools garden the year before. Especially the sound of breaking glass at the end of the intro was popular. Several bartenders have made the mistake, ignorant of the consequences, to play this song after several request. Spontaneously the whole crowd dropped their glass to the floor to the tune of the music. The last time he played that song.

But my favorite has to be Jarabe de Palo. Summer 1998, Menorca, Spain. It was my first and last season as a holiday rep. I even made the BBC, though only for a few seconds. Me singing Suspicious minds drunkenly outside a bar at three in the morning didn't make the final cut.

The song of that particular summer was by a Spanish band I had never heard of before. But their hit 'La Flaca' was on everybody's mind those months. Locals, tourists, us seasonal workers, we all knew the words, at least in the chorus. We all sang along, some even acted according to the lyrics. "Just to get a kiss from the skinny girl, I'd give whatever it takes." I bought a cassette from the group, just to get the song, found out that they had more than one great song.

Over a decade later, whenever I'm in Spain, usually once a year, I still hear the song on the local radio. It had all the potential and it turned out to be an evergreen.

Jarabe de Palo - La Flaca

En la vida conocí mujer igual a la Flaca,
coral negro de La Habana, tremendísima mulata.
Cien libras de piel y hueso, cuarenta kilos de Salsa,
en la cara dos soles que sin palabras hablan.

La Flaca duerme de día, dice que así el hambre engaña,
cuando cae la noche, baja a bailar a La Tasca.
Y bailar y bailar, y tomar y tomar,
una cerveza tras otra pero ella nunca engorda.

Por un beso de La Flaca daría lo que fuera,
por un beso de ella, aunque solo uno fuera.

Moje mis sabanas blancas, como dice la canción,
recordando las caricias que me brindo el primer día.
Enloquezco de ganas de dormir a su ladito
porque Dios! que esta Flaca a mi me tiene loquito.
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