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Hard gras 24 - Johan en ik (01-092)

I'm still trying to catch up with this series, though as a subscriber I do get one quarterly, so I have to read a bit faster than that. I'm doing just that, but I've still got over a year (5 issues) to read. The advantage from HG is that the stories don't get dated, which is usual with sports journalism or stories. In this band a story about Rijkaard after he retired as the national team coach. One about Frank de Boer, more than just a defender. David Winner talking about the German team and everything that has gone wrong with them (mind you, this was written before the world cup qualification). Bert Wagendorp, a Dutch journalist who has lived in England, talking about that country. Funny to read is the story by Spain based Edwin Winkels about the Euro 2000, not as perfectly organised as the country wants to believe. The title story is a very good one by Simon Kuper, South African, FT-journalist, bi-lingual, about meeting the messiahs. Cruijff was going to write a column in a British paper, Kuper was gonna be the ghostwriter. The column itself never appeared, financial problems, but at least Kuper had an interview with the big hero.

Highlight though is the portrait of Bruno Giuntoli. Not a famous name in football, but he became a minor celebrity during Euro 2000, as he defended on television his native Italy that went on to beat the Dutch in the semis. Hugo Borst met him a few times afterwards, talking about his life, in which football was important, though not the only thing. The youngster seems to live the life that all Italian young men have, regardless where they are. Partying, heavy nights out on the town, plenty of women, knowing the incrowd in every place. Knowing about drugs, though not through personal experience. In the meantime he explains why defending can be beautiful as well. Why football is not only about attacking, as the Dutch seem to think, but about results, something the Italians know all too well. Great read, interesting portrait. It deserves a translation. If any foreign magazine is interested, I'd volunteer to translate (English, German and Spanish only). For a small fee.

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