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Karen Kijeweski – Honky tonk kat


Karen Kijeweski – Honky tonk kat

When travelling in the US on my way to central America, over a decade ago now, I bought some cheap books to keep reading while on the road. One of them was by Kijewski. It was a misprint, I found out later, missing thirty plus pages, yet I managed to read the whole book and enjoyed it.

Don’t expect anything special, Kijewski just writes an easy story for the masses. I have read a few book since, then lost interest. No problem, as she isn’t very popular this side of the ocean. Coïncidentally through BookCrossing I got my hands on another book by her.

Her main character is Kat Coloroda, ‘as appealing and likable as any female P.I. on the market’. In this book her childhood friend who had turned into a Country-western star to find out why somebody would want to murder her hires Kat.

Chick lit meets whodunit.

Quote: “I walked out the dirt path to my car. Hope was a gifted musician. And a gifted liar. I headed out to the main road barely missing a flock of kamikaze chickens who tried desperately to hurl themselves underneath my wheels.” (p.216)

Number: 10-013
Title: Honky tonk kat
Author: Karen Kijewski
Language: English (US)
Year: 1996
# Pages: 355 (2808)
Category: Whodunit
ISBN: 0-425-15860-8

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