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Brian Thacker - Rule No.5 No sex on the bus (01-093)

The subtitle of this book says it all: Confessions of a tour leader. Brian is an Ozzie who made a living in Europe for a while doing tours through the old continent. Mostly young Ozzies, but also North Americans and Japanese were dragged through 11 countries within 4 weeks by him. He dedicates a chapter to every main country. Which means Liechtenstein and Monaco miss out, as does Belgium, where they only go through on their way to Amsterdam. It is a very amusing book with loads of funny anecdotes about these tours. The funny things you see on the road (stripshows in Amsterdam), the pranks you pull on the guests (hold your passport flat against the window, your face next to it, the camera's will register everything, they will only stop is if something is wrong), the stupid questions you get (if I call home now, will my mom be there?) and the things drivers get up to (coach captain Kevin Kelvin was fairly active apparently). Funny stories with plenty of stereotypes thrown in. Ozzies all like to get pissed all the time, the Dutch are all half stoned most of the time, and the Germans speak English with a funny accent. Every one in Switzerland makes shitloads of money for doing fuck all, the Italians are inventive in the way they con you, the French never take showers and more prejudice in the same category.

Sounds fairly standard, but all in all it is a good book. Especially those of you who have worked with tourists (like I have myself) will recognise a lot. Anybody in customer care basically will enjoy this book. All travel addicts as well. I've already copied a few pages to use in my classes at school; the chapter on Amsterdam gives my students a brilliant view of how people abroad see our capitol. Recommendable book. If you can get hold of it, as I haven't seen it anywhere but in Oz yet.

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