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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Paul Bowles – Up above the world


Paul Bowles – Hoog boven de wereld

A decade and a half ago I first read a book by Bowles. The Dutch translation was intriguing (Een man moet niet te veel moslim zijn, A man shouldn’t be too much Muslim); the original title might not have tempted me as much. In those days I hardly knew anything about the Islam, one classmate a decade before that was my main source of information.

Bowles lived most of his life in Morocco, his book opened my eyes. I even bought an extra copy for a colleague of mine, of Moroccan ancestry. According to another co-worker not a very good idea, the title could be considered provocative. To me it wasn’t, thought these days I can imagine it would be.

The second book I read by Bowles did not make a huge impression though. A travel story about a couple travelling through Latin America. A lot of things happen to them, yet it fails to grab me. There is not enough tension, not enough excitement.

Nice book, but not one to remember.

Quote: “Ze hadden voor hun wandeling geen straat maar een smal, goed verlicht steegje gekozen; opeens bleken ze niet meer tussen huizen en bomen maar op een plankier boven een moeras te lopen.” (blz.18)

Translated: “For their walk they did not chose a road, but a small, yet well lit alley; suddenly they did not walk in between houses and trees, but on a platform over a swamp. “ (p.18)

Number: 10-049
Title: Hoog boven de wereld (Original: Up above the world)
Author: Paul Bowles
Language: Dutch (Original: English)
Year: 1966
# Pages: 146 (8798)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 90-254-5665-0

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Een man moet niet te veel moslim zijn
Hoog boven de wereld
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