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Julian Cope

Over a decade ago Julian Cope made a brilliant album, Peggy Suicide. When re-organising my maps on the computer, I bumped into the lyrics again. Some of them have an explanation to go with them. The following one seems fairly up to date still to me:

DOUBLE VEGETATION... pokes fun at the White Liberal Intellectual's terror of anyone who "believes". It used to be the Communists. Now Allah's coming to get us. We've replaced one with the other. We're all so scared of Islam now that it's turning us into terrified children scurrying to the bottom of the bedclothes. Saddam Hussein is not Islam. No more than the Shah of Iran was Islam. The Petro-Dollar is a tool of the Shi-ite extremists and we must not think of Muslims as all crazies. That's the same as an Arab thinking all Catholics were in the IRA.


So freaked out,
So humiliated,
I feel so outclassed,
I feel overrated,
Whitey, Jew & Negro stand in a line
He says, I want you,
Each day we get closer to the big bad fire.
I look down on the sickness of you - Your hands
reach out for my location
But your so lost in the things that you do that
you're caught in a double vegetation
Invert to conceal all the holes in your heart
Oh, we discussed and discussed all your disgusting routines.
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