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Music meme, part twenty seven

Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play

As I said in the previous episode, I'm not at all a musician myself. The songs I can play are so limited, which means that the tracks I could choose for this category are unlimited. Any song would do, as it would be an achievement. Where to start?

Suddenly it dawned upon me. There is a song, written not even long ago, that really tells a story. I saw it played live twice and felt the emotion from Collin and everybody around me in this one particular song.

Kyteman's hip hop orchestra was so great, I am proud I saw their last official gig in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. This song tells a complete story, without any lyrics. The title is 'Sorry' and when you listen to Collin Benders playing the trumpet, you can imagine the whole history behind it, feel it, make it your own. Such an intense and incredibly deep song, one could listen to it several times in a row and not get bored with it ever.

Luckily in the age of YouTube, there are various versions to be found, every single one worth listening to. He played it when he won a major Dutch price @ Noorderslag 2010, in his hometown Utrecht in 2007 and even the album version is played live.

I choose for the version he played at Lowlands in 2009. Because you can see the whole crowd has been waiting for him to play this one song and when he does, not one single person is disappointed.

If I were to to play only one song in my lifetime, I'd love to be able to move a whole crowd like Kyteman can!
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