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Leo Kenter - De Kameleons (02-001)

Was dounting a bit about the number for the log, as I started reading this one last year, finished it this year though. This is the story of one of my favourite bands. In this book they are called the Chameleons. In reality they are the Tröckener Kecks. Kenter used to be their drummer, until he left the band a couple of years ago. He had been in the band for 15 years. Last sunday they played their very last gig, I went to see them a fortnight ago for the last time. That's where I bought the book.

I have seen them on average at least once a year for over a decade, it must have been '87 that I went to see them for the first time. 14 years later, another cold winter night like the first one, it was over. They were a part of my youth. They were the story book hero's. A few friends with little musical talent start a band and grow through a lot of dedication and perspiration. After a decade they play the biggest festival this country has: Pinkpop. Another decade further they made their best album (according to critics and fans) and decide to do one last tour.

This book must be their story. It is written with so much inside information, it has to be autobiographical. Even some of the lines of songs in the book can be easily deduced to real songs by them. The characters fit. And that's where the scary bit comes in. In the end it wasn't a storybook. It is a story about ego's bumping. It is a story of several people who happen to be in a band together. About lost friends. Probably the reason Kenter left the band in 1995. Especially the singer of the band can't be too happy with this book. While Kenter and De Leeuw used to write most songs together, this book seems like Kenter writing about his frustations with him. It spoils my view of them.

It certainly is a good book, but it left me with a negative feeling in the end. And an uncomprehensible one. The singer's name is the same as in the book by De Leeuw. The same character that dreamt of becoming a footballer in boarding school. It even refers to this boarding school. So they wrote two books, that are obviously related, but are not on speaking terms anymore? They are what they are today, because of their communal history, but have a different view on it? With the book comes a single-cd, the biggest hits of the Chameleons. It's the Kecks playing again. Songs written by the Chameleons it says. But fictional characters do not make songs. They used to. Have they done once more? Is it a story after all, just spiked with auto-biographical anecdotes? I'm confused...
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