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Fantasy sports update:


American Football: Weird season. After losing the first 5 in a row, I made a giant run, winning 6 in a row, which gave me chances of getting in the top bracket of the play-offs. Inexplicably I started losing again, 3 in a row. So I had a 14 game season, only 3 streaks. In the losers play-offs I managed to lose the 5th place play off because I fielded injured players, with my top performer on the bench. Oops. I still do not know any players but enjoy playing anyway.

Hockey: At least I know a few players. I have got one of them. I started leading the first week, fell big time after that though. Traded and waived, picked up in form players but still continued my free fall. I was 11th out of 12 at some point. At the moment I'm back at 8, though the gap to number 7 is huge. This will probably be my limit. Boring season therefore.

Premiership soccer: Good first two weeks, after that a friend of mine took over. I play in a league with friends only, after falling back to 3rd I am back in second now. The gap to 3 is small, to 1 big. I might have to be content with not winning it this year, even though I did last year.

NBA: My favorite fantasy game. As with Hockey after a good start I fell deep. The draft didn't work out well. As tenth in a draft, there is no real chance of picking up a great player anymore. I am still lucky with Kidd and Nowitzki, but the rest is
underachieving. I was tenth after a while, at the moment I am swapping places on 7th, 8th and 9th. Top half (6th) is still my aim. I have not given up hope.

Golf: Mediocre season. Not much interest.

Racing: God knows, I did play, but I don't know how.

College basketball: Pick a team that plays 2 or 3 games and the scores will come. Not much fun in that either.

World cup pick' em: Already started, even though the world cup is nearly half a year away.


World Championships: Disappointing. Had Freire, but so did plenty of others. Skipped Dekker and Hauptmann. Shouldn't have. Bugger.

World Cup: Still had hopes to reach the top ten there, I didn't. I didn't even get into the top 20, no ranking points for me.

Vuelta: Major disappointment. Had a crap team, my gambles never paid off. The ones I leftoff were great. I was lucky to avoid the bottom five.

Cyclocross: As last year this one is apparently the one I do well. Last year I finished 6th, with a win at the world championships. This time I am at 3rd, gaining points on the first two last weekend. But then again, this is the only game that doesn't get you ranking points. Bugger again.

Other games:

Euro Soccer league: Even though I haven't paid much attention to it, the autumn seemed good for me. I climbed big time and came within the top ten percent.

Voetbalmanager: As with the previous one, I'm not doing bad. Possibly an idea for the other games as well. Don't overmanage. I'm second in our private subleague, having led the first month.

Schaatstoernooien: Played that one for the first time last weekend. The European speedskating
championships seemed easy to predict. But not by me, given my 115th place, leaving only 37 in my trail.

Gouden 12: The one I organise myself using players from my own football club. 72 contestants, I was around 50th most of the time, have gained a bit of territory, I'm in the top half at the half time winter break. Not much perspective though.

I am looking forward to the Baseball season. New chances for me...
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