The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Gerbie on tour 1

Baltimore, 24 November 1999

Hi everybody,

Welcome to Gerbie on tour, part 1. I have been travelling for over a week now and have arrived in Baltimore, where I am taking a quiet day out at the moment. In these first 9 days I have seen quite a lot, I shall start at the beginning.

Iceland. Immediately the most difficult part up until now. “What did you think” is the question one usually gets when you visit someplace new. In this case I still don’t know. Possibly 72 hours is not long enough to get an idea of a country, otherwise I might not be a fan of nature enough to really appreciate the country. Even though it was very cold and extremely expensive, I did do an effort to have a look around. Reykjavik is a provincial town as any other. Category Enschede, Leeds, Nantes, Linz and Mantova. Small innertown, seen within half a day. Obviously I did pay a visit to the Geysirs, you can’t leave the country without doing so. Nice view, especially as the surrounding landscape was completely white, as it had start snowing just before I arrived. Finally I did visit Akranes, a small fishermen’s town, where there was so little to see and do, it was funny.

After smallscale Iceland followed New York. A bigger step is hardly impossible. All cliché’s are true (which is probably why they have become a cliché, which is a cliché at itself…). Walking 5th avenue is an experience. Even though I did use the subway a lot, just walking the streets is worthwhile. And as all major attractions in this gigantic city are in Manhattan, it makes it even easier. In 3 days I’ve seen it all. From Brooklyn bridge to Yankee stadium, the empire state building and Wall street, Central park and Harlem, Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island, Broadway and Times square. Defintely recommendable this town, eventhough I am not, as you might know, a big fan of American culture, New York stays out of this prejudice.

The day before yesterday I left for Philadelphia. In 28 uur I have seen quite a lot of it, especially the old town has a Europeaan feel to it. The tour through ‘the most historic room in the most historic building of the most historic square mile in the United States of America” was very good. History classed while travelling, perhaps they should consider this at schools as well.

So now I’m heading for a few quiet days, firstly here at Baltimore at Frank’s, later this week in Vienna (near Washington) to celebrate thanksgiving with Margreet’s family. The travelschem after that is not known yet, you’ll find out though.

Gerben says ‘til next time!
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