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LiveJournal update:

I am not sure about the status of LJ in my life at the moment. With no more travel reports to file, less time for reading books, my entries have become a bit scarcer. It is a matter of interest as well. What do I want the world to know, what is my own. Should I use LJ as a test for my stories, before trying to get them published? Do I want everybody to know what is happening in my life? My entries about Gerda have, up until now, been friends-only. One of my friends wrote an interesting post about how people get to know each other through LJ, but do they really know each other. I still read my friends' page every day, I do not miss many posts. But I get annoyed with the 735 posts about what creature from which TV series they are, about which animal they claim to be, which member of their favourite band. I did one myself if I remember well and found myself an anthem, but it just takes up space. Plenty of long entries do not keep my attention beyond the first paragraph. In the past I have scratched people from my list from over posting, I read 50-70 posts every day at the moment. It is too much. People do not use communities for the right purpose. Write about yourself in your own LJ, in a community the subject is defined, write about it then. I'm afraid I have found myself in an LJ-vacuum. I know I won't leave here, not just like that, but I'm not nearly as addicted as I was a couple of months ago.
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