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Concert memories (1) - Noodweer 1981, Goor

The very first concert I went to see must have been in the early eighties, I guess I was 11 or 12. Once a year in the town I grew up, the local council organised a Popsnack, as they called it. A concert for the local youth. That year they had two bands and a movie afterwards, open air, big sensation, as my hometown doesn't have a concert hall, nor a cinema.

My friends and me went to see the band Noodweer. Not that we knew them that well, but the one hit they had in the Netherlands was promising enough. The song "In de disco" (which doesn't need translation), featured the famous line "Durex of anders gono in de disco", which means something like "use a condom or otherwise you'll catch a v.d. in the disco". For us youngsters at 11 the song was brilliant. Obviously we hadn't got much of a clue what to do with a condom, but we knew it had something to do with sex, good enough for us. Some radio stations even refused to play the song. Boycott, hence hit. Doesn't it always go like that?

The opening act came from Belgium, but that's about the only thing I can remember about them. It was still fairly quiet on the square where they organised the Popsnack, but next to us was someone we didn't know. Not that we knew everybody, but this guy looked so weird, he couldn't possibly be from Goor. Tall, slim, weird hairdo, but most of all: pants in 17 different colours. Without directly staring at him, we did try to catch every glimpse of what he was doing. In the meantime he seemed to be the only one who actually watched and listened to the opening act. Not us, we knew we were here to hear songs about condoms.

When Noodweer started playing a bit later, it had become a bit more crowded. Apart from the singer, who we knew from a picture in the paper, we recognised the bass player. He was the weirdo from just a few minutes ago. Noodweer were good, I can remember enjoying the show, though I can't remember much (excuse me, it's been two decades nearly now). Which is a shame, as I found out later when I bought two of their albums. They made some good songs, catchy tunes with poetic lyrics, a hint of left wing politics glanced through. I taped their farewell concert in the mid-eighties from the radio and still listen to it, 15 years later. That night it took a while before they played their hit. It came with a story, as the drummer left the stage just before it. He appeared to hate Disco so much, he refused to play on the song, so they used a drum machine instead. We heard the song about Durex and were satisfied. Not until later did I realise that the band actually suffered from the one hit they had had. They were pushed into a direction they never wanted. One hit wonders, but actually a good band.

The last part of the programme went on without us. Most of us had to go home after the music. 11 o' clock curfew. One of us was lucky enough to see Porky's. You can't have them all.
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