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While trying to type out an interview I did last month, trying to make sense of my notes, I am listening to the TV, a documentary on Shane McGowan. I can't stop myself from watching. He is a brilliant songwriter, wrote some of the best tunes ever, brought hope for all the Irish in London in a time they were being discriminated all over the place.

Never a cute little boy, throughout the years he's become one of the ugliest bastards alive. But a funny one in that. Interviews with his dad about his schooldays are funny, images of his first band the Nips, originally called the Nipple Erectors are new for me. Some clips, some concerts, this is a great show. But most of all it is a reminder that he wrote some of the best songs. The greatest x-mas song since "White Christmas" is "Fairytale of New York", Sergio Vazquez Garcia is telling about his days in Almeria, the romantic fans take a stroll through Soho. The stories about drugs and booze are funny at times, but sad if you think about it more than a milli-second. In the last days of the Pogues he missed gigs or stood on stage without knowing where he was, what he was doing.

I've never really taken to his work with the Popes, after the Pogues it was over I guess. Unfortunately he's living the life of a star a bit too much. Luka Bloom dedicated a brilliant song to him. "The one" with the great line: Do you really want to be another dead hero? I hope Luka's warning will someday reach his brain.
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