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Mficha uchi hazai

Gerbie's ship of fools

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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become
26 December
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My entries should tell enough about me, there are my travel stories, my book reports and random other things. If you are really curious, do feel free to mail me. As I haven't travelled much recently, I find it difficult to find a shape for my LJ. I have started writing about my students and some concert memories. Also do some series like Football heroes, Dutch politics and one named 'You asked for it' in which anybody can tell me what to write and I make a post out of it. Go on challenge me!

Read my journal, please do comment, I like that option on LJ. I like writing, but I like it even more when I know I am being read.

Most of my posts are open for anybody to read, everybody can comment. A small number of posts are meant for a few of my friends only. Count yourself lucky if you're one of them. You have been screened before you got that status.

Ik heb ook nog een Nederlandstalig LJ, alleen om nieuwe verhalen uit te proberen en oude verhalen alsnog een kans te geven. Verder staat alles in dit, engelstalig, LJ. Mijn Nederlands LJ is gerbie7 of ga naar http://gerbie7.wordpress.com (these days even my own domain: http://www.gerbie.nl)

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